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Cloud Services

Software solutions and custom-fit virtual cloud systems that help you accomplish more and spend less

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Reduce Your Costs.

Expand Your Resources.

Our cloud solutions offer a wide variety of benefits and can be effective in a wide range of situations. Not only do they save time and money, they’re actually more secure than private on-site servers.


Email Management and Security

We offer website and email hosting, supported by knowledgeable technicians that will provide a secure, reliable and reputable hosting service. Network Minds will help you establish Internet access controls paired with strong anti-virus programs, email filtering, spam filters, and secure password authentication policies, ensuring the integrity and the safety of your network.


Server Redundancy

Our goal for your business is zero downtime, which is why server redundancy is an important part of our service. Server redundancy means adding a duplicate server within the system that steps in when a primary device or component fails, so you are online, all the time.


Secure Remote Workplace Solutions

Cloud computing allows you to securely store data and enables your company computer network to be accessible anytime, anywhere, to your employees, customers and others as you choose.Options include a private cloud, which is maintained either in house or by a service provider; a public cloud, or a hybrid cloud, which combines the best options for your business model.

Still have questions?

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Will migrating to a new platform require employees to learn a complicated new system?

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Will using cloud products throw us out of compliance?

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