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Cyber Security Solutions

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Optimize your defenses.

The security issues affecting your business today are completely different than the issues you faced ten years ago. New and complex viruses and hacks are emerging each day, so network security requires a dynamic and constantly updated initiative. Network Minds realizes the security compliance needs of growing businesses, and we ensure the right structure, prevention plan, and detection processes are in place to give you peace of mind.


HIPPA Compliancy

At Network Minds, we understand compliance. The success of your healthcare business depends on your alignment with strict compliance guidelines. Since 2005, we have worked with clients in multiple sectors of the healthcare industry, and we constantly educate ourselves and keep up with the new laws and regulations affecting healthcare technology. Our Naples, Florida healthcare specialists are ready to support your organization so that you can support your patients without worrying about compliance.


Cyber Insurance Planning

The security of your network and your data is one of the most critical aspects of your business. We will help you establish Internet access controls paired with strong anti-virus programs, email filtering, spam filters, and secure password authentication policies, ensuring the integrity and the safety of your network. Firewalls, routers and switches are necessary to block dangerous malware, spyware and viruses, as well as protect your network from malicious attacks or hacking. Remote monitoring of server stability, unusual events, data backup, and firewalls increases security. The right combination of security tools, once put in place, will insure compliance development and increase productivity by reducing downtime and vulnerability.


Security Policies and Training

Your IT Security framework will ideally allow your business to more effectively manage your defenses and lower risk. Security frameworks   typically include security policies, procedures, and processes that will apply to your businesses' cybersecurity practices. Network Minds has the experience and knowledge to develop customized policies and procedures that fit your unique situation. We also provide professional trainings for your staff, so that everyone is educated about what it takes to truly keep your business and your data as secure as possible.

Still have questions?

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What exactly IS cyber security?

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Our network security isn't the best. How worried should I be about data breaches and hackers?

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