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Find out what's happening with your IT infrastructure.

Do any of these technology problems

sound familiar?

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We currently don’t have much of a data backup system, and I am worried that we will lose important data.

Employees and/or customers have expressed frustration about the recurring technology problems.

Our current support isn’t proactive, and just waits until we call them with problems.

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Daily operations are suffering because of our slow network.

My current IT company was great before, but can’t support us fully now that we’ve grown.

My competitors are ahead of the curve technologically, and I need to catch up.

3 Easy Steps to Say Goodbye

to Your Tech Problems




Schedule a meeting so that we can get a better sense of your needs.



Design a Strategic IT Solution.

We will formulate a strategic plan customized with your specific operation and your goals in mind.

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Put your plan into practice.

We will ensure that your new IT plan is executed perfectly so that you can do what you do best.

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What Our Clients Say

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Cosmetic Dentist

We appreciate Alan and his team for their expertise and professionalism. I can attest with the most confidence that Alan always has his clients’ best interest at heart. Not only that he and his team are quick and reliable, they also serve with a smile on their face and with a positive attitude. At the end, Alan helps us serve our patients better, and we are grateful to have found him.


Physician Hospital Organization

Network Minds has proven over and over again their excellence in providing quality IT service and Customer service Network Minds has worked closely with our staff to find solutions for our hardware and software needs at a reasonable cost. We have come to depend on Network Minds for our IT networking services. We recommend Network Minds to all companies in their endeavor to bring their organization up to date in this growing technical atmosphere. Network Minds is always available to solve and deal with all our IT networking needs, so that our IT department is able to provide its best service to our users.

Puppy at the Vet

Veterinary Hospital

Network Minds' technical expertise and active assistance with the installation and implementation of new “point-of-care” medical and information technologies measurably assists us to improve our daily efficiency and delivery of medical care for the benefit of our clients and patients. Network Minds have become an essential support partner.

Need more details? Book an introductory meeting.

We are here to help! You can also contact us by phone at (239) 659-3428, email us at, or reach out via our social media channels.

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