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What Our Clients Say



Alan Ciurzynski and Network Minds have been a fantastic addition to our dental office. I went to a HIPAA / identity theft prevention seminar this past summer. It was very refreshing to learn the protocol they recommended at the seminar had already been presented and implemented by Alan and his team. Alan and Network Minds have given us the peace of mind knowing that we are doing everything we can to protect our staff and patients. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for computer consultants and first class service and support!!

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Technology is an ever increasing essential part of our business.  This is true more now, than ever before.  It also becomes increasingly difficult to understand.  We have worked with Network Minds for more than five years and during that time we have found them to be knowledgeable, professional, responsive and reasonable.  We are extremely comfortable and confident knowing that we have them in our corner and would willingly refer them to family and friends.

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Network Minds has proven over and over again their excellence in providing quality IT service and Customer service Network Minds has worked closely with our staff to find solutions for our hardware and software needs at a reasonable cost. We have come to depend on Network Minds for our IT networking services. We recommend Network Minds to all companies in their endeavor to bring their organization up to date in this growing technical atmosphere. Network Minds is always available to solve and deal with all our IT networking needs, so that our IT department is able to provide its best service to our users.



My hospital drags to a halt when our computers go down. Since switching to Network Minds, I cannot remember the last time that happened. They do a great job.



We are very happy that we have connected with the Network Minds team which has become a vital part of our business relationships. It would be more of a struggle for me and for my team to deliver the exceptional patient experience that we strive to deliver without them. This blend of patient care with technology can be quite a challenge for many of us!

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Network Minds' technical expertise and active assistance with the installation and implementation of new “point-of-care” medical and information technologies measurably assist us to improve our daily efficiency and delivery of medical care for the benefit of our clients and patients. Network Minds have become an essential support partner.


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We appreciate Alan and his team for their expertise and professionalism. I can attest with the most confidence that Alan always has his clients’ best interest at heart. Not only that he and his team are quick and reliable, they also serve with a smile on their face and with a positive attitude. At the end, Alan helps us serve our patients better, and we are grateful to have found him.

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Alan and his team are amazing! We never worry about our computer systems going down because they are always managing and keeping us updated.
Keeping compliant with HIPAA is a struggle for every office but having Alan and his team on board makes all the difference.



Alan and his team at Network Minds represent the epitome of excellence for service and knowledge of IT.  Our company’s computers and servers, the backbone of our business, was in disarray when we met Alan.  He go us back on track by isolating our issues and solving them, but more importantly tailoring our IT to our line of work.  We now have dependable computers with servers that meet our needs and security requirements.  Of course, computers have issues, and his team is always timely and available to fix the issues so that we can continue working and growing as a business. 



I have been using Network Minds for my business for the past 7 years. They have installed, repaired, and upgraded our computers and software, saving us from a few disasters along the way. Most recently we had to take the big jump to adding a network in order to keep everyone working efficiently. This was a big jump for a small business but we have realized the return in productivity right away. Everything these guys do is done right. Even though it may not seem "cheap", you will spend a lot more in the long run using random "computer guys".

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Network Minds is the best thing that has happened since we implemented our computer network. After a long line of technical problems and different specialists trying to fix them, Al came along and got us on the right track efficiently and effectively. As a small business owner, I am very pleased with the level of service and personal attention that we have received. As we grow our business, it is a great comfort to me to know that Network Minds will continue to monitor our technical needs and keep us ahead of the curve.

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Since we have been on their Monitoring and Maintenance contract for our network, we have had zero downtime. Prior to working with Network Minds, our network would have problems on a regular basis causing downtime and frustration. Since we are in the insurance business, we look at it as our network insurance policy.



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We have been a Network Minds customer since Alan Ciurzynski started the company in 2005. It has been one of the better decisions we have made. Their professionalism, service and expertise is exceptional. Alan’s company has been an asset to our company because we know we have the complete support of a Technology company that watches out of for us at all times. As a small business owner it is vital to have service providers and partners that care as much about their customer’s businesses as they do their own. I guess you could say we truly have peace of mind as a customer of Network Minds!



It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Network Minds. We’re a small office with limited staff. Our IT needs are not complex, yet the technology we do have plays a vital role in the operations of our club (including routine daily communications with our members). Being unable to communicate with members and vendors or perform our daily business activities for any length of time would be embarrassing and cause a great deal of stress. Teaming up with Network Minds feels like we have a knowledgeable, on-site IT professional daily. They are responsive and quick to react to any IT request we have, from equipment recommendations to the implementation of critical software. A watchful eye is kept over our entire network. They ensure we are running current virus software through timely maintenance protocols and software updates. In the event we do encounter any form of interruption of service, I’m confident the back up procedures developed and implemented by Network Minds will have us up and running quickly and seamlessly. Peace of mind!



Network Minds is an outstanding organization that has taken this church from a non database, non server, poorly organized group of computer users to a very organized server based system of users. We interviewed many companies and chose them for their professionalism and honesty, and we have been extremely pleased with the excellence of the people, knowledge and service. I would highly recommend them and they will deliver the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

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