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Our Core Values

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Who We Are

Since 2005, Network Minds has provided quality IT solutions for small to medium-sized companies. Our company culture revolves around team building. Partnering with clients is an integral part of Network Minds' operating philosophy. Our mission is to deliver the latest technology consulting, services, maintenance, and support as a highly cost-effective IT solution. We strive to maximize our clients’ productivity and profitability.Your success is our primary goal because we fully recognize that your success ultimately drives ours. Let's build a profitable future together!  

Network Minds has been a leading provider of IT services for businesses in Naples and South Florida for over a decade. If you need service for a current IT problem or you just want a professional team on-call to provide technology solutions, management, and support, we are ready to help.

Network Minds anticipates clients' needs using state-of-the-art, proactive support programs. These managed service solutions enable us to meet the needs of business owners in a cost-effective and professional manner. We truly look forward to becoming your trusted partner for first-rate network and IT management solutions and services.

Our Team

Our Leadership


Alan Ciurzynski

CEO & Senior Engineer

When I started Network Minds in 2005, my goal was to become the most trusted and valued information technology company in the Naples area with a strong reputation for reliability, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to customer service. Today, that vision remains at the forefront of everything we do.

I have worked hard to foster a culture within the company focused on compassionate collaboration, enhancing the client experience, and delivering the absolute best in response times and project satisfaction.


At Network Minds, we work together, combining all of our skills, expertise, and ideas to provide outstanding service. We have assembled a team of industry specialists and talented technicians, creating the framework for what is now the embodiment of my earlier vision. Our education is ongoing, as we strive to remain at the leading edge of the latest technology trends, utilizing our collective knowledge to support the success and the profitability of your business.

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We are here to help! You can also contact us by phone at (239) 659-3428, email us at, or reach out via our social media channels.

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